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Polyhouse Accessories

A polyhouse is a form of greenhouse where crops can be grown in partially or completely regulated climate conditions by using customised polythene sheet as a covering material. In accordance with the poly home subsidies, we provide the poly house clamp to connect two purlin pipes and other pipes. It is a polymer housing component.

Shade Net Gripper

Shade Net Clips

We "Apex Green" has developed Shade Net Clips for Greenhouse, Shade Net House & Wire Rope Net house. It is easy to installed and applied for long life.

This is useful to sliding net in Greenhouse or where Net sliding is required. It is also used for Tarpaulin Sliding.

We have developed this Shade Net Clips in Nylon Material, so its life and strength is more than normal plastic or PP material.

Hydroponics NFT Pipe

NFT Hydroponic Pipe

We "Apex Green" supply Hydroponic Pipe for NFT System.We provides length of Pipe as per Customer requirement.All products are food grade, high quality UPVC with UV treatment.


  • Size - 100mm x 50mm
  • Closed Type NFT Pipe
  • 2.1mm Thickness
  • UV Stabilised
  • UPVC Material
  • Vergin Material
  • Lead Free Material
  • Lead Free